Those of you from the UK and of a particular age will remember GCSE Science at school in the 90’s. Aim, Method, Practical, Results & Conclusion.

I suppose it was a neat way of breaking down a complicated chemistry experiment. As a creative writer and marketer, post school, I have never really applied it to life as explicitly as I am about to today. It’s the aim and method that I want to get down in this post. Because I’m a bit of a free wheel when it comes to hobbies. If I’m going to do this properly I need to capture some objectives and almost certainly lay down a few rules for myself… So here goes.

Aim of Cassette 55:

I want to build a collection of cassette tapes that epitomises my musical tastes. This is built up of the music I listened to during my youth, plus any tracks/albums that happen to have been released on cassette in recent years. I want to explore the aesthetic of cassette colours, inlay artwork & cases. I also want to speak to and learn about cassette production. I want to use the medium of cassette to explore new music. I understand that it is fairly cheap to convert a digital recording onto a small batch of cassettes, which is a great marketing tool for a new band providing you have a cassette player to play the tape on? I have always been into new Indie and Dance music. These genres feature heavily in modern cassette culture. I will be researching the availability and sound quality of kit that you can play cassettes on. I’m interested in collaborating with bands and labels to produce short run mix tapes for folk to buy and enjoy.

Method (Rules):

I am only making myself one rule at this stage. I’m only going to buy cassettes that I have a genuine interest in listening to or learning something about. I will not be lured into buying green plastic limited edition cassettes with junk recorded onto them. I appreciate that what constitutes junk is entirely subjective, but it’s my blog so there!