So a month in to launching this site and I still don’t know exactly what I’d like it to become?

I started with my old tapes. I bought a load more. Added 2 incredible stereos to the mix along with 2 Walkmans in excellent condition.

Those of you who have found me because of my Instagram content, will have done so because you either like my dark and moody photography style, or because of the nostalgia I’ve drawn on. Some classic albums and singles showcased that I am certain many of you have a particular affinity with. The comments I’ve been receiving would certainly suggest so.

Then there are the reviews of older, classic albums like Nirvana’s debut ‘Bleach’ and Radiohead’s 'OK Computer'. These posts I’ve written have all received really positive feedback and I’m enjoying revisiting and writing about great music!

I remain committed to listening to and featuring these old cassettes that have already given so much joy on in the coming weeks and months, but I want to share music for folk to actually listen to and have built a newly launched podcast into my plans. This is where playing music gets tricky – Copyright Law is a son of a gun!

Now I wasn’t planning on playing Love Me Do by the Beatles or anything, but I had stumbled upon a load of demo tapes and those awesome ‘new music’ mix tapes that you used to be able to get in music magazines like NME or Select. They have loads of forgotten tracks within that would have been awesome to unearth again. Thing is, I have a full time job and I’m pretty busy. Whilst unheard oldies excites me, much of it is buried in copyright headaches from the sale and resale of record labels. Not to mention the potential costs involved.

To be completely honest, since getting involved in this project the most exciting thing about cassettes in 2018, is the new music people are creating and recording on them RIGHT NOW!

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the openness of artists and groups (signed and unsigned) who have been eager to listen, chat and then happy send me their music (on cassette) to listen to, photograph and review! I’m now 2 episodes into the Podcast and more people are listening and coming forward with their material for me to listen to.


The first episode of my podcast focused on tape 2 of 11years by A Future Without – an independent record label with an incredible body of work that they were able to create 2 compilation tapes with. Presented with a hand stamped wooden spine, and an analogue photograph instead of a jcard all held together with a bulldog clip. The music and the artwork combined make this limited edition cassette a real cassette enthusiasts dream!

Then came Sickarone with Sampling Skills for the second episode. The best-looking cassette of all time and some incredible tracks that showcase lo-fi, hip hop sampling in all of its glory. Marvin Gaye will never sound the same in my opinion, this is a fantastic album.

I’m quickly learning that discovery is the key word when new music and cassettes are involved.  Whilst the old album reviews and nostalgic views will continue to land on my features page (Pulp’s - A Different Class is next), the majority of my focus will be on new music that so many talented people are dedicating to cassette tapes. I cannot wait!