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For those of you who have been listening to the Podcast, an I’m thrilled at how many of you there are – you will have heard that my most recent episode featured the amazing Australian Indie Band; Rolling Blackouts Coastal…

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New Music Podcast

So a month in to launching this site and I still don’t know exactly what I’d like it to become? I started with my old tapes. I bought a load more. Added 2 incredible stereos to the mix along with…


Review: Stereo MCs – Connected (1992)

It is a strange thing… Sitting down to review something and believing you have a decent understanding of the subject matter, only to realise you don’t have the first idea. I picked up the Stereo MC’s Album ‘Connected’ when I…

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Mystery Tape

Yesterday (Monday) was a great day! Within an hour of sitting at my desk, a courier arrived with a large parcel in tow. It suddenly felt like my birthday and colleagues’ heads were popping up like a mob of meerkats. …

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Cassette Photography – 23/09/18

I wanted an Instagram identity that looked slick and I could recreate again and again. So I built a little studio in my shed and got playing. I have taken all of these photographs on my iPhone 7+ and edited…